Monday, 7 October 2013

Up to daterooo

These last few weeks have been so fantastic!
I've done a lot of sketching, nothing really finalised, but 'woop' for the idea generations.
I've found that I really have felt so comfortable creating so many random and crazy thoughts together, and I really am just so excited (!!!) to get these images rolling and up here!
Pray it doesn't take forever!
Now back into the swing of University (as of today) I'm hoping to upload all I've drawn through the last couple of camps.
Got to see some amazing works up at Pt Augusta/ Hawker this weekend, such as Jeff Morgans 'Panorama', officially inspired to hack away at some acrylic paints again. SO keep you posted on that one as well, haven't really touched them since the Edgar project last year!
Love to hear feedback!

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