Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sketches of the 'Meow' Variety

Whats with all the cats? Well I did a few sketches the other day and I thought "I haven't posted in a while" and so here we are! Admittedly there are only 3, and they are not of top notch, hench the sketch, but I did have fun doing a few fast pictures for once, and not worrying about the outcome.
Also, note to self: time to figure out how to draw cats, and the interaction of cats and humans. I might even get a nice, proper, picture form it!

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Internet Blah

Hi all! So my internet at home has been playing up, so I haven't been able to update any drawings for a bit! I'm hoping it will fix itself at some point, so for now I'm using the University computers. I have been working on a few more environment pictures for my Independent project, which I hope to put up. I have also done some sketches for how my portfolio might look, it's very exciting. I hope to bombard my blog with multiple posts as soon as I can, and it will be anything and everything I've been working on. You've been warned!
Enjoy soon!