Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sketchy sketch: MADD camp and Pt Augusta/ Hawker

Hello Blog Dweller!
Here be the sketches from my journal whilst I was away for the second half of the holidays!
I had a lot of fun working/ drawing/ being free with it all.
Thoughts and comments welcomed!

Getting the chance to draw out what onsie I might one day hope to get!

Playing around with texture and shading on faces.

Another play at tone and line, but I spent longer on this one (a few bits at a time).

Some scenery on the drive from Hawker to Pt Augusta, quick and messy sketches.

Playing around with hand placement, but not focusing on detail. Looking at the idea of "angels".

Having been surrounded by fly nets and farmers for a few days I thought I would draw one. Only quickly, enjoying the feeling of pencil on paper!

Playing around with a few spontaneous thoughts, and memories from earlier this year.

Starting with the face, then moving to posture, I think I'll attempt posture then face...

Really loved the vivid movement that camp about in this image!

Started with the eyes and just kept adding elements for this image. 

Looking into "work wear" of a waitress, and then just moving into a normal image of a girl.

Attempting to quick draw 2 people in the same scene...which always proves a  challenge, and gets different results each time. I used names from the tv series "Chuck" (brilliant show) but ultimately I hope to spend more time getting 2 people drawn in a scene!

Having not really drawn any of my passions or interests properly, and being inspired from an amazing trip to Hawker, I decided to draw out one of the quotes I tend to find myself repeating, to myself or to others. Based of the "footprints" storyline this image seemed to work out really well. The font is one I've been playing around with for a while and it's slowly coming to its own. I wanted Jesus/ God to look larger so that the idea would be that you could know he could actually support and carry the young woman. Having looked into the "carry pose" earlier, I found it much easier to replicate it.

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