Monday, 25 March 2013

Journal 1 2013

Hi all! So one thing that we are encouraged to do is to keep a journal, as such, which basically means to keep a book/ form of medium which means that we will continuously drawing. I use a fantastic hardcover book, and it just feels so professional! I really like keeping a visual journal so far, and as I've gotten used to using one, it's been really interesting to see my style adapt and change based on my mood. I really found it interesting how my style would become more distorted as I was tired, or just wacky in general. It really has created new opportunities for me to explore my style and interests. I do apologise for the scanning quality! My new scanner doesn't have an adjustable lid, which means I have to work around it as such, and will most likely need to cut out pages from the journal if I want a proper scan...oh well! I will keep uploading as I get a start on my projects for University, fun fun fun, so keep up to date!
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