Thursday, 25 April 2013

Breakthrough and updates!

Hi all! After having a long time to figure out my visual direction, I've now come to a point where I just want to dance around the room, yell "huzzah" and jump as high as possible. Although still needing to be improved, in many ways, I love the direction my work has gone in the last week. I've put up these works just to show where I am at. I haven't uploaded in a while, and I do apologise. I'm just over the moon about the progress, and there has been a lot of busy work behind the scenes. I will upload more to do with University projects, as well as different images, soon, and I plan to be more regular, so bear with! 
SIDE NOTE: Some of the images relate directly to my "perfection" project, which is where I aim to create something around the idea of perfection. I used this project to explore my style and how I reproduce things, and this is definitely the cause for it all coming together.
SIDE SIDE NOTE: All of these images are still just play arounds, and drafts, I do not claim them to be complete, just fun!
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