Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dancing Skeletons

So I noticed that for the huge amount of photography I do, I haven't really been putting anything up on the blog. I haven't been as involved recently with photo shoots, or all of that fun and fancy stuff, but I do hope to get back into the swing of things when I get the time, after all this Uni fun. I do have an intensive course coming up in commercial photography, which should be brilliant! I hope to get a few more photos worked up before then, but for now here's this one. It's an old photo from year 12, when I was looking into the human mindset around beauty and societies view on it. I had half of my face made to look like a ballerina, and the other half to look like a skeleton. Working with a tripod, and my dads Nikon, I went around and took different photos. This one was one of the few that I didn't actually work up, until today. It was a good project, and I hope to tackle the themes again at some point in the near future, after a possible zombie
 photo session. 
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